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Militants ask for a quick and reliable investigation

On Thursday, April 02, 2009 responding to the call from their leaders, thousands of RB (Rebirth of Benin in French, Renaissance du Bénin) militants and sympathizers turned out in Cotonou streets to utter their indignation over what they see as several attempts aiming at intimidating them.

They also intended to claim their resolution to keep up the fight alongside the positive political forces of the country for the preservation of the February 1990 National Conference of the Active Forces achievements.

The RB militants took to the streets after an attack on the Party headquarters on March 19, 2009 and the statements of both Candide Azannaï, a former RB MP and Ganiou Soglo, current Culture and Sports Minister accusing some the RB leaders of being behind the assault which, according to them, was made to incite people’s sympathy.

For the BR militants and sympathizers such statements, that they see as very provocative, could not be left unanswered. As if the response of Oliver Paraïso to Candide Azannaï on Monday, March 30, 2009, accusing him of being motivated by ministerial ambitions, was not enough, RB militants thought they needed to send a signal the public authorities in charge of security and made clear to them the attack on their Party headquarters could not go unpunished.

Dressed in tee shirts with the Party symbols and slogans or wearing red armbands, echoing the airs of the band chanting militant songs, RB activists marched from Place de l’Etoile Rouge across Avenue du Canada, Cadjèhoun Mosque crossroad, Bon Pasteur Cathedral, Père Aupiais College, Sciences Faculty then reached the Ministry of Interior and Public Security.

It was an impressive mobilization of RB activists with a folk of motorcycle taxi drivers and with banners that bore inscriptions such as, "The RB says no to intimidation and violence", "The RB reaffirmed its membership to the G13, G4, and Force Clé coalition"

At the Interior Ministry, they voiced their demand for justice through a speech, which was read by one Délonix Kogblévi.

He emphasized the resolution of the RB militants to preserve the achievements of February 1990 Conference, and the improvement of Beninese living conditions. Delonix Kogblévi did not fail to express the sympathy, solidarity, and support of RB militants to their fellows who were the victims of the attack, namely John Paul Vieyra and Robert Amoulé. While reaffirming their unwavering commitment to Party ideals and firm support for its leadership, RB activists demand an impartial and credible investigation on the attack.

On receiving the motion of protest, the Interior and Public Security Ministry Chief Staff, Abassi Aley said that he gets their message and he will report it faithfully to his superior. According to him, the investigation, that is under way, will continue, as it should. «The authors of this burglary and these acts of violence will be found and punished accordingly. Better, be still and trust justice. », he said to RB activists.

Alfred Cossi Chodaton

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