Friday, April 3, 2009

Benin Politics : MP CHABI DARE

MP resigns from the ruling FCBE

Chabi Daré was a parliamentarian of the ruling FCBE (Cowries Forces for an Emerging Benin, in French, Forces Cauris pour un Bénin Emergent), which is the presidential alliance set up in the eve of the 2007 legislative elections. He is said to have abandoned FCBE and joined G13. G13 is part of the opposition alliance intending to oust Boni Yayi in 2011.

This resignation is the second from the ruling FCBE. One FCBE former member, the parliamentarian Zoumarou Wallis did the same recently.

However, according to the rumors, there are more resignations to come and more departures from the FCBE to the opposition should be expected, as the divisions within FCBE ranks are deep.

Chabi Daré is said to complain about the exclusive focus of the Head of State on 2011 presidential contest, which, according to him, does not allow him to care for the fate of his own supporters. For him, Boni Yayi has all the time been busy trying to win over opposition partisans neglecting those who always remain faithful to him.

Some analysts in the media suggest that Chabi Daré was bribed into joining the opposition with thirty (30) million CFA francs.

Since the beginning of the democratic era, defection of PMs from one party to another has been common but resignation from a ruling Party is not something common in Benin.

During the 2006 presidential campaign, Boni Yayi has promised to fight malpractice and help restore ethics in Benin politics. Many have hoped that he would commit himself to the fight against what is called in Benin politics «political transhumance» but amazingly, the practice seems to be flourishing under his regime as many opposition partisans who leave their parties are welcome within the presidential camp. This time round, it is the ruling FCBE which records defection from its own ranks. Is it unfair?

At the National Assembly, on Thursday, April 02, 2009, two (02) G13 MPs, Rachidi Gbadamassi and Sacca Fikara alleged that the new comer in the alliance, MP Chabi Daré is under threat. For both, a demonstration is due take place against him in his hometown, Kandi and some habitants intend to attack his house. According to them, Chabi Daré’s wife was taken to the presidential palace.

If this defection is confirmed, it will be a serious blow to Boni Yayi, who is getting increasingly vulnerable.

Alfred Cossi Chodaton

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