Friday, May 15, 2009


Gbadamissi explains why he resigned

Since he made public his resignation from G13 Alliance and his alignment to the presidential camp during a press conference on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 in Parakou, MP Rachidi Gbadamassi, who used be an adversary of President Boni Yayi, has be outside the country. On his arrival from Paris, on Sunday, May 10, 2009, he made a statement confirming his new entente with Boni Yayi’s camp.

Alfred Cossi Chodaton

At the Cadjéhoun airport, where his show attracted many, he made a statement aiming at explaining to the public the real motives behind his defection. To him, by joining the presidential camp and defecting from G13 Alliance, he has chosen to side with the people. He went on to warn his former allies. Here is what he had to say:

«Let me, before anything; thank the newspapers, because you contribute to the entrenchment of democracy. I thank all those who spoke either in a positive way or in a negative one. This is about the stake of democracy’s vitality in Benin. As a democrat, I can only agree with the vibrancy of Benin democracy. In a democratic State, none can prevent others from saying what they think. Today, I intend to make a declaration and not a press conference. The press conference will be on the ground in the eighth constituency. Then, we will see who is who. For the meantime, I can assure you the playtime has come to an end. The time has come for truth to come out. The time of reconciliation with the people has come. The time for Benin harmonious development has come. The time for reconciliation with our conscience has come. There is not more unworthy and more despicable man than someone that does things and refuses to take responsibility for them, especially when these acts are in the interest of the people. Is not there a local maxim that says: “while you do not know where you are going, at least you know where you have come from?” I did things and I take responsibility for them. I am not someone who runs away from his responsibilities. My friends know me. The man, who cannot die, cannot live. I am a man of character and that is why I address you, dear people of the 8th that gave me the mandate to represent you in National Assembly. Who am I not to listen to the voice of the people? Who am I not to hear the voice of my electorate? Who am I not to listen to the dignitaries and religious denominations? When you enjoy such a popular support among the people, there are things that you cannot afford to do. One does not play with the people’s interests. Who am I to go against the will of the people of Dassa, Malanville, Cotonou? Who am I not to answer the voice of conscience? One must be guided by common sense. It would not be possible for me to have a morality different from the one of my constituents. It is true. I had to choose between my friends and my constituents. I preferred the latter. I offer my apologies. I could not do otherwise. The circumstances have led me to decide in favor of voters. The degree of the politician is the people. If the people leave him, he has no more political future. If my friends do not understand my choice, may they forgiven me! I found myself in the same position as the General Kérékou at the National Conference. He followed the will of the people and rejected his political friends. History finally proves him right. I hope they join me soon. As for you, my dear brother and friend, MP Issa Salifou, for all that you gave, I have been awaiting you on the other side. The bank that must be yours. We must free ourselves from the politicians who manipulate us against the will of the people. I prayed and asked God. If I am wrong by going to Dr. Yayi Boni, may God give all the strengths to Saley to get me back! If not, I brought the G13 to development. The past misunderstandings with the Government are the result of a lack of dialogue. I know you are a believer and you are aware of the power of Allah. For my yesterday’s friends, the only dominant philosophy is the change of driver. However, who will replace the current valid driver. Will the replacement be better or worse? They had no answer to all these concerns. It is change or nothing else, even if the boat, Benin would capsize. I am not a deluge maker. I am a true nationalist and panafricanist. I am politically stable. That is what pushed me to the resignation from G13. One knows when it all starts, but never when it might end up.

And you, President Boni Yayi, you are the father of the nation. I was with General Kérékou, who after a very heated debate, asked me to support you. I have decided, after a profound thinking, to act in accordance with the wise advice of this great man and stop my political guerilla warfare against you. I will support your actions in favor of the country’s development, reveal what might be wrong, and make the appropriate proposals. My only advice to you is to focus on political and social dialogue. Tonight, I take responsibility for my views and I support your good works in favor of the country’s development and the achievement of peaceful democracy. I ask my friends not to use verbal attacks and manipulation of media against me, so that I do not have to respond scathingly. They know me and I know them. I am an independent or related to a political party. In the days to come, if they dismiss me from the party, I will appraise this new situation. In these circumstances, I will make a detailed assessment of the Government initiatives and perform my constitutional duties with conscience. Talking about transhumance while referring to my case would be an abuse of language and unfamiliarity with the word transhumance. Finally, I simply ask everybody to retain this: Gbadamassi did not resign for selfish and individualist ends »

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